Entering Stealth...


Obsidian is a unique organization created exclusively for Crowfall. We are an organization forged to sow confusion and fear through the expertise and application of stealth. Our mission is to preempt threats, to our allies not just ourselves, by collecting actionable intelligence that matters. While some may stomp mindlessly around the battlefield, we purposefully and patiently position ourselves for the killing blow.

Obsidian is a community for those whose who embrace strategy, thoughtfulness, boldness and cunning. Ours is a haven for the thieves, assassins, crafters and agents that populate Crowfall. The time has come to wield our influence, to position ourselves inside the ranks of our foes. The time of Obsidian is at hand.

We are watching.


We have deemed it necessary that you understand our place in Crowfall. Our objectives define how we engage in Crowfall, they define who we are. Obsidian is carefully positioned to strike using these tactics.


Knowledge is power. We have and will continue to accumulate information that is crucial about the world we will soon dominate.


We have eyes everywhere; both on and off the battlefield. Paranoia and discontent are as effective as a dagger. We are always watching.


We train and specialize in small-scale squad-based PvP. Our goal is to be nimble, everywhere at once, and deadly.


We are an organization that understands the value of information. To facilitate this passion, we've worked to organize, design and build tools to enhance those capabilities. We've set out to gather a talented team to aid our endeavors.

Obsidian is also deeply invested in the success of Crowfall and its community outside of the game. Our work to this end has focused on creating useful resources for the Crowfall player-base. The Malekai Project is the culmination of this work.

"Hello darkness my old friend..."


Obsidian considers membership as much more than a casual agreement between players. We seek operatives, not sociopaths. Our goal is to find recruits who can think on their feet and whom possess unique talents. To this end, we've designed a trial for potential members that they must pass before being granted membership.

Be forewarned, we only allow you a single attempt to pass these trials and join us. Should you fail in this, no further opportunities will be granted. When you are ready to begin, your first task is to track down and convince an Obsidian member to sponsor you onto the next step. Finding us is your first challenge. We are watching.

"All warfare is based on deception."